We specialise in

  Web Design
  Graphic Design
  Managed Hosting
  Dedicated Servers
  Data Storage
  Internet Telephony
  Business Broadband
  Leased Lines
  Network Consultancy
  IT Disaster Recovery
  Intelligent Hands
  Cross Connect

With Contastaís expansive technical capabilities and proximity to Londonís
business centre youíre guaranteed expert first response for a wide variety technical
and new media requirements.


Contasta produces high-quality corporate website designs that are strategically developed to help generate sales and support existing customers.


We go to considerable lengths to ensure that we understand your business before design work commences. Our corporate website designers then work closely with you, to establish a graphical design which supports your branding and a practical site structure.


The resulting site will be designed to attract the attention of prospects at technical and management level, confirm the loyalty of existing customers, and boost confidence among internaland other specialist markets such as venture capitalists.


Only Contasta can provide the breadth and depth of knowledge you need to ensure that you can rest easy - knowing that your infrastructure is in the hands of the best people in the business. Contasta take the headaches and guesswork out of developing and managing your new media and technological strategy.

quote1Contasta deploy
industry-leading mission critical corporate infrastructure without the headache

R Smiley, Executive Director